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Common Queries

You Asked, We Answered


Did your Husband really get the Klingon Jewelry Box from a Vulcan lady with a Crush on Spock? And Do you offer gift cards?

Yes.  The lady would do anything to save Spock.  She was an illogical nut.  Regarding gift cards, we have not yet made them.  Maybe in the future though.

What are the payment options?  And do you accept Gold-Pressed Latinum.

We accept credit cards and Paypal.  Other methods may be added, but Gold-Pressed Latinum from the Ferengi Alliance will not be one of them, nor will your good looks.

What is your return policy?

At present, our beam-me-up teleportation machine is on the fritz, and we have chosen to forgo going by pony express to save time, so snail mail is the necessity.  Once the product has been shipped back to us, your money will be returned digitally, minus shipping. Buyer pays for return shipping. Unless it was our mistake. 

Items must be returned within 14-days and in their original condition.  In most cases, we will give a full refund minus a 15% restocking/shipping fee.

Since we do sell used items, we do take returns on products that are noticeably used. Depending on how used they are will depend on the restocking fee.

Please contact us before returning so we can give you a fair assessment. Of course, if you are returning something because of our mistake, you will receive a FULL refund, no restocking fee.

Shipping Policy and Pricing

I do my best to include shipping into the product cost. Some items will have an additional shipping cost but for now you will find over 75% of our inventory includes shipping. If you want expedited shipping please contact us to discuss additional costs. We currently only ship with in the United states. If you live outside the United states of America and would like to order a product please contact us first to see if arrangements can be made

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